IPPIN - The One and Only

Its name is an affirmation of the quality and excellent taste of the premium sake product from Ibaraki (Japan). It’s our pleasure to bring you to the beauty of combining Japanese traditional and modern values.


IPPIN Sake originates in Japan’s Ibaraki Prefecture, which has a famous 200-year brewery, run by 12 generations of the Yoshikubo family


We have been present at many hotels, restaurants and chain stores throughout Vietnam. We welcome you to be here with us in order to have the best tasting experience.

  • Ippin, a dry fruity sake, the perfect accompaniment to fish, chicken, pork or beef dishes. Great with nibbles. Ideally served cold, chilled or on ice, Ippin is an exotic alternative to wine and is also great for cocktails.

    So, ‘Cheers and Kanpie’.

    G. Hyland

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The One and Only