The colorful picture of Japanese culture is drawn by many delicate lines of sake. This is not a trivial drink, easy to do, but a very meticulous and dedicated process. Each distillation stage, even the smallest ingredient, affects the taste of sake. So, no one type of sake is exactly the same, every brand of sake is "Number One and Unique". The Japanese rely on the milling ratio of raw rice grains and distillation and fermentation methods to classify some main sake lines:

- Ginjo: rice grain is milled to 40%, add alcohol and other ingredients to create flavors.

- Daiginjo: 50% rice grain is milled, adding alcohol and other ingredients to create flavors.

- Honjozo: Rice is only slightly milled, keeping 90-98% of the original rice, with a small amount of flavoring to push up the wine flavor.

- Junmai: Raw materials from pure rice grains without milling, naturally fermented.

Sake Ippin is researched and produced by the Yoshikubo family factory in Ibaraki region, with a unique secret recipe passed down through generations. The factory uses super-soft water and the best local rice to create its own excellent bottles of wine.

Ippin Sake has a specific aroma and flavor due to the fermentation is well controlled, slow activation process for a long time. When drinking it brings a soft feeling in the mouth, a bit dry but extremely refreshing. Mild alcohol, only from 8-16% - can not be as intoxicating as strong spirits but has a "deadly" charm, making anyone who has tried it infatuated.

The product has won many prestigious awards around the world, confirming the quality and reputation of one of the leading sake brands in Japan.


Name of Product IPPIN BLUE OCEAN
Type of Sake JUNMAI SAKE
Size 1800ml - 720ml - 300ml
Type of Rice TAMASAKAE
Concentration 15%
Acid Level 1.9
Polish Level 60%
Sake Meter Value (SMV) +4
Product Description IPPIN BLUE OCEAN is a strong Junmai sake with a mild acidity, fermented entirely from unpolished rice and purified water. IPPIN BLUE OCEAN is the traditional sake of IPPIN, which has been around for more than 200 years - having a well-balanced unique taste: The smooth taste on the palate with a hint of dryness when finished. It’s more delicious when served cold and suitable for most dishes. This product has won many prestigious awards such as 2 gold medals in 2017, silver medals in 2014 and 2015, San Francisco Wine Competition IWC
Size 1800ml - 720ml - 300ml
Concentration 16%
Acid Level 1.6
Polish Level 50%
Sake Meter Value (SMV) +4
Product Description IPPIN BLACK FOREST is a first-class Junmai Daiginjo sake with a very gentle flavor. The rice used to produce IPPIN BLACK FOREST is rubbed at a rate of 50% and the mode of production is fermented from rice without distillation. A pineapple aroma and sweet taste on the palate after each drink make IPPIN BLACK FOREST the most favorite sake of Ippin - this product alone has reached 2 gold medals of San Francisco IWC in 2017 and many other valuable awards. Ideal to enjoy on any occasion, the best taste when chilled or can warm up to about 45 Celsius degrees.
Name of Product IPPIN YUZU
Size 1800ml - 720ml
Concentration 8%
Product Description IPPIN's Signature Japanese limoncello YUZU. Freshness two of kind Yuzu juice only use for. No preservative added. Awesome aroma of fresh Yuzu flavor and Big acidity from Nature.
Name of Product IPPIN PLUM
Size 1800ml - 720ml
Concentration 8%
Product Description IPPIN PLUM có chất lượng ngọt thanh tao với hương thơm hoàn hảo của hương vị Ume - hương vị đặc trưng của rượu sake Nhật Bản. Đường wasanbon sử dụng trong quá trình ủ rượu được mệnh danh là "Đường mềm tốt nhất trên thế giới". Ngoài ra, những trái mận địa phương trứ danh của chúng tôi được chọn lọc kỹ càng từ Công viên Kairakuen, nơi có hơn 3000 cây mơ được trồng trong công viên.