Sake For Events

We would recommend the event wine service if you want to taste different types of sake at the same time, with many people at the same time.
We are always ready to provide products at your restaurant or at your own home. We welcome all events such as weddings, engagements, partner gatherings or parties.
With our experience and hospitality, we will make your special event memorable and successful.

Sake For Gifts

 Sake is believed to bring blessings of health, happiness and prosperity to everyone. Therefore, sake is a meaningful gift to relatives, friends, family and partners on holidays. Not only that, it is also a unique and impressive new feature for the recipient that you can only find in Ippin. Please contact us if you want a special and unique gift.

KAGAMIWARI - Traditional Japanese Festival

Satoshi Yoshikubo – CEO Of Ippin Australia

Satoshi Yoshikubo grew up in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.
Yoshikubo was born in the family who owns Yoshikubo sake factory, which has a rich history of brewing alcohol for over 200 years.
Yoshikubo arrived in Australia at the age of 24, with the passion of introducing and promoting the brilliance of Ippin sake to Australia.
He was certified as a Sake expert in 2014 by SSI International.
He is very experienced in sake events, he manages more than 60 Sake events in a year.